Mother and Daughter… working together!

At Amy's book signing in Hunt Valley, Md.

I didn't realize I was that short!!!

After months of not being able to figure out this wordpress site I have come to the painful conclusion that I am woefully technically challenged! Okay, okay….I admit it, maybe I have reached the point in my life when I have to start to pass the torch to the next generation and stop trying to do everything myself. Maybe.  Then it occurred to me that Stevie and I make a pretty good team, and we do offer different perspectives on a variety of subjects and opinions.  She likes Sci-fi and I like suspense. She likes Dr. Who…and as hard as it is for me to admit, I am too a fan (or rather I would have had we stayed with David Tennant!), and I like Dr. Oz.  She likes Manga and I like Joyce Meyer.  You get it!

We have found we do have some common ground as well. I started reading Mary Connealy’s “Doctor in Petticoats” one day and couldn’t stop telling her what was happening.  As I read about the stagecoach racing away out of control, heading toward the body of a woman stretched out on the narrow trail beside the broken pieces of her stagecoach…with a cliff on one side and the mountain straight up on the other…the brakes failing as they pulled them back as far as they could…life coming to an end for someone…the chapter ended!!!  WE AGREED ON THIS ONE…WE HAD TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED NEXT!

SO as of today, September 14th, 2012 this blog is now the joint effort of Cheri Horgan and Stevie Jenkins.  Stevie will review books she feels will appeal to the younger audiences, and of course I will read choices that will fit older audiences…and we will both review the ones we feel will appeal to all ages.  She can read the romances (romance left me in the dust years ago and she is just beginning to experience the mood swings of love).  We both love the edgier stuff, and she favors the vampire/time travel/angels vs. demons while I enjoy the horror/ things that go bump in the night/ are you afraid of the dark kind of  edgy.

With that all said I would like to introduce you to my almost 21 year-old daughter/book nerd, Stevie. Stevie, say “hello!”

Hi, I’m Stevie and I love books, art, and cross-eyed cats lol. It’s nice to meet you all. Hope you all enjoy books as much as I do. Some of my Favorite Authors include Mary Connealy, Jenny B. Jones, Melanie Dickerson, Ted Decker, Roger E. Bruner, Thomas Smith, Loree Lough and many more. My Favorite color is Purple and winter colors. <~ Something totally random lol.  I read a lot of Christian fiction books as of lately but in the past I was hooked hard time on Fantasy and sci-fi as well as all supernatural like books, such as vampire books. I’ve been hooked on books ever since I first learned how to read in fifth grade, which explains the horrible grammer and spelling. But I’m working hard to get better. Here’s mom again….

Now as they say…”On with the show!”…


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Some older books I really enjoy…

Well not really OLD, like ME, but not the newest releases either. I want to share them first…then I will tell you a little about their newest releases. I used to be a tunnel vision reader. I only read one writer and I read one genre. I had no idea what I was missing!  I remember thinking all Christian books were going to be the same…like “Christy” by Catherine Marshall, sweet and perfect characters. That is a classic in Christian literature.  It didn’t have edge or real charcters that I experienced in life. I realize life was different back then, not harsh like it is now. I wanted a book that left me thinking about it long after the last page was finished. I discovered Terri Blackstock…every word she penned was exciting! She wrote in a series, and that made me rush out to buy the next book as soon as it was released. Her “Restoration” series dealt with events that could really happen anyday, and asked us what we would do. If you lost all power, transportation, financial systems, stores, etc. and was forced to go back to real basics (No running water! No indoor toilets!) what would you do? People kill for food when they are hungry.  She opened up our eyes to the dangers of the internet in “Predator”, and dealt with drug addiction in “Intervention”.  Suspense comes natural for Terri Blackstock, and so does edgy characters we can relate to. I will introduce you to her collections in detail later.

Quite by accident I discovered Loree Lough one day when a friend gave me a book that she thought I might enjoy centered around a local wolf sanctuary.  I love wolves and eagerly jumped into it not realizing it was a romantic fiction from the “Love Finds You” series…LFY in Paradise, Pa.  I would have NEVER chosen a romance book…I am too old and far too ugly to relate to romance books anymore! But guess what! There was a real message inside that wonderful book! THERE WAS A CHALLENGE!  What are you willing to do to be more Christlike? There was twists I didn’t expect, and tears that made me personally involved in the story she told. It changed my life.

A friend sent me a copy of one of her books and I turned up my nose…a western? No way! Men read westerns.  My days of Gunsmoke were over. I had no desire to ride the plains on horseback. Out of courtesy I opened the first page and read a few lines….then a few more…then I couldn’t put it down! The stagecoach was headed down the mountain and the brakes wouldn’t stop it, and there was another coach laying on its side just ahead with a woman laying in the road!!!! If they weren’t careful they would be going off the edge and down the mountainside, and if they were… they would run over the woman and smash into the other stagecoach! I was hooked on Mary Connealy’s “Doctor in Petticoats”.  I rushed out to find “Wrangler in Petticoats” and “Sharpshooter in Petticoats”.  Mary Connealy is the queen of cliff-hangers! Her women are strong and before their time.  Adversity is only a minor setback when you have their strength and endurance. “Deep Trouble” is one of her latest releases and it just keeps getting better!

Did you love the days of the All-American sitcom? Then you will love Janice Hanna Thompson! I started with “Fools Rush In” and fell in love with two families tht reminded me of “Little House on the Prairie meets My Big Fat Greek Wedding”.  It has charm, wit, cliche’ expressions, and fun just like the old days of  “I Love Lucy”.  Janice has a long list of titles to choose from, with a colorful aray of characters to make you laugh out loud.

If you like historical fiction you will want to read Laurie Alice Eakes’ “The Glassblower”, or “Jersey Brides”.  My daughter fell in love with Melanie Dickerson’s “The Healer’s Apprentice” and  Roseanna White’s “Jewel of Persia” about a side of Esther we never heard about in the Bible.

The list is endless, and we hope to take you through these exciting worlds and introduce you to the people who wrote them in future posts…just as soon as I learn how to navigate this boat! Stick with us in coming blogs and watch us grow. Thanks for stopping by!




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Do you like things that go bump in the night?

"Some houses are only haunted...this one is worse"

Available now from

Remember the days when watching a scary movie made you cover your head under the blankets? Did you love the subtle chill of an Alfred Hitchcock thriller? Does the eerie twist of a dolls head turning to watch you send tingles up your spine? Then I have just the book for you! Thomas Smith is soon to become a name you will not want to forget as he joins the forces of Dean Koonz, Mike Delosso, and other masters of horror. It won’t be long before everyone will be talking about “Something Stirs”.

I am not a fan of the vegi-matic movies of the 70’s or the writing styles that dwell on guts and gore, but I do love the old “Night Stalker” series where you had to wonder if that was really going on and just being covered up, or the psychological heart stoppers of Dean Koonz. Thomas creates a very real situation as four teenagers gather to conjure up a demon to do their bidding for them, with no idea the power or the consequences of their “fun”.  As the demon thirsts for blood to give it strength, the house takes on a sinister twist for the new family who just moved in. All that is missing is the scary music that used to make your hair stand on end in the old movies…

Thomas Smith brings a new voice to today’s Christian  fiction. For more on the work of this exciting new book check out his page at   Stop by and say hello, and get the inside scoop on his other new projects he is working on. I don’t want to give away too much, that would take away the fun…but I will give this one 5 stars!

If you hear a whisper in the night and feel the cold chill on your neck, you may be visiting the mind of Thomas Smith where something is always stiring…

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Are you having trouble finding the right book for the right occasion?

Please allow me to introduce you to some of the finest writers in America! I would like you expand your reading lists to include genres you might not ordinarily read, and get to know the real people who gave birth to some of your favorite characters. We wiil explore books of all styles to allow you to find the right book for any friend, and still keep it Christian. I want you to laugh, cry, think, and feel like never before with some of the nicest people you will ever meet. Grab a cup of tea and have a seat…let’s talk about books!

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Hello world!

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